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About us

We Offer A Complete Martial Art For  Self-Defence And Personal Growth

At Didcot Old School Karate Justuwe offer a complete system for self-defence.  We teach an ancient form of Karate but use modern methodology.  You will learn to respond to all types of violence and will learn techniques that work for you. Check out this drill on learning how to deal with being stuck by arms and feet!









How do we differ from other karate schools?

We teach self-defence, at realistic distances, with realistic attack patterns.  We are NOT a sport.  Unlike most "traditional Karate" we are a complete martial art and thus offer the four main pillars of a complete fighting system:

  1. Striking

  2. Kicking

  3. Grappling and Throwing

  4. Seizing and controlling through locking and pressure points

             Oh!  and .........Ground Fighting

We teach Old School Pre-War Karate Not the modern sport version.  Our system is based on the drills and principles of Koryu Uchinadi, which have been categorized and systemized by world recognised karate expert Hanshi Patrick McCarthy 9th Dan.


Who can study at Didcot KU?

We are an adult class and only take people 15 years and over.  We welcome all fitness levels, shapes and sizes and we are very female friendly. To book a free trial lesson click here.

At Didcot KU we offer Old School Karate for the modern world.


Beginners & Blackbelts  Equally Welcome

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